What to do Telstra Mail email is de-activated?

Generally, Telstra users don’t face frequent issues related to accessing their Bigpond emails. Telstra has a team of expert professionals who monitor the mail accounts of clients constantly to avoid inconveniences. However, some Telstra users face activation or suspension issues sometimes. In this article, you’ll get detailed information about the deactivation or suspension of your Telstra account. Also, we will highlight the procedure to reactivate your Bigpond email account.

Why Bigpond email accounts get deactivated and how to reactivate? 

  • Overdue charges and bounced payments might be the primary reasons behind the deactivation of your Telstra email account. Most users get afraid that they won’t be able to recover their Telstra accounts when those get deactivated. However, the deactivation of your Bigpond email account is different from deletion. In case of deactivation, you won’t be able to view your emails or access your Bigpond email id anymore. That often happens when you have pending charges and payments.

If Telstra is unable to deduct payments for your subscription, they suspend or deactivate your account on a temporary basis. In such a case, you can reactivate your Bigpond email account just by paying the pending charges to Telstra. You can make online payments through Telstra’s official website. If you find any difficulty in paying for your subscription or you have other queries, reach Telstra’s toll-free customer care number to get further assistance.

  • In case, if your Bigpond email account gets hacked or is suspected of being hacked, Telstra will deactivate your account temporarily. That often happens when Telstra finds a Bigpond email account as the origin of multiple spam emails. If you suddenly find that your Bigpond is deactivated, contact Telstra to know the details of the deactivation as soon as possible.

As Telstra support helps you recover your email account, change the password of your Bigpond email account right after the recovery. Also, enable verification and authentication factors through your email settings so that nobody can access your Bigpond email without your authorization.

  • When you unsubscribe from the services of Telstra, your Bigpond email account might be suspended. If you are interested in retaining your Bigpond email account and you plan to re-subscribe to Telstra, inform the Telstra authority. Submit an online application to Telstra that you want to keep your Telstra account. That’s the way you can keep your account activated even if you’re not a Telstra customer anymore.
  • A long inactive period might lead your account to temporary deactivation or suspension. If you have not accessed or used your Bigpond email account for three months or more, Telstra generally blocks and deactivates your Bigpond email account. If something like that has happened with you, visit Telstra’s official website to request the re-activation of your account.

You should be aware that an inactive period of around 6 months might lead your Bigpond account to permanent deactivation or deletion. In such a case, you won’t be able to recover your Telstra account anyway.

These are all the relevant details about the steps that you should take once your Telstra email account gets deactivated.

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