What to do Dodo email account is de-activated?

Presently, it is hard to imagine a day when you don’t check your emails. Dodo email will allow users to directly check with emails. They can send and receive emails smoothly. Recently you just discovered that your Dodo email account has been deactivated.

It may happen in few cases, although this issue is not very common. You have an option to look around for the Dodo email customer support team. You can trace the number online or contact them via email or chat.

The team is supportive and will always be willing to assist customers on time. There are also a few basics that you can check at your end.

For business owners, it is important to keep receiving and sending emails conveniently. You can directly look around for Dodo email account management terms.


To perform the account activation task you may have to sign in to your email account. You will have to check with the email address. The moment you sign in you will come across a screen that shows different options.


This option will allow users to make changes to the accounts page. You will have to make changes to the email accounts page. You are also free to delete this particular account and then create a new one using different information.

Add new address

For reactivating an old or new Dodo email account you have to provide an email address. You are also free to add any old or new email account to the Dodo email.

You are also free to make settings for two or more email accounts. You are also free to create your webspace. It depends on your likes.

When adding a new account you will not be able to delete the red box. This is your primary email inbox that does not permit users to delete the account.

Mailbox settings

You may have to select settings for individual email box. You are free to modify and make changes at your own will. You will have to make changes to the accounts settings page. The changes have to be made to your email.

In case you are unable to then you can directly reach for Dodo email customer support team.

New password

Once the email ID has been added or selected, you may now have to provide a valid password. You can also create a new password if you are reactivating the same email account. the new password settings link will be redirected to the alternate email ID.

Select alternative inbox

Dodo email will provide you with an option to make use of an alternative inbox where you can receive the emails. You can provide Hotmail or yahoo mail options as well.


When reactivating the email you can also activate the spam level and virus scan features. If you are unable to perform any step it is best to get in contact with the technical support team. They are experts and will guide you through the entire process. You can search for a valid Dodo email customer support Phone Number online.

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