What are Iprimus Imap and Pop server settings

Moving emails from one location to another is important. Pop and Imap are two different types of email settings. You have to enter the setup menu to make these basic settings on your device. It may require a little bit of technical knowledge.

It is important to select the right server location and address. If the settings are not correct then the emails would never end up in the right location. So it is obvious that you have to collect some knowledge related to server location and address.

You always have the convenience as you can reach out for Iprimus customer care services at any time. You just have to log on to the official iPrimus email website and reach for them. You can directly get in touch with the support team through email or chatbox.

What is POP email settings?

POP settings will be done if you want to move the emails from your server location to your device location. You can select any device to move the emails including the smartphone, tablet PC r your desktop.

POP email settings will generally be used if you are accessing your emails on these devices. The same settings are used if you want to save or delete the emails from your device.

IMAP settings details that you should know

IMAP email settings are generally used by the user if they want to maintain the email in the same location so practically the email will not be deleted from the location. This is one of the settings that will also help to keep a track of your emails.

The settings may differ depending on the total number of inbox that you are using to hold your emails. It is termed as the local inbox for any email server.

Always begin by selecting manual settings options

This is common for both POP and Imap mail setting for Iprimus. To complete the setup process you may have to enter into the email set up page if you are using Iprimus on your device, then ensure you enter the mail setup option on the device.

You will not be viewing the applications screen on the device. Here you will have to provide details related to the email user name and password details.

Settings option that you can make

It is always best to try and make changes manually. You will have to select the manual option on the page. Based on your preference you cannot select POP or IMAP. You can also get in touch with the Iprimus customer care services if you are unable to enter the setup mode.

The selection for IMAP and POP can be made via clicking the drop-down menu on the menu box. You will have to enter the email details.


The settings part is not difficult. Always ensure the right server location is selected. You should always disable the security options. This is safe in case you forget the security settings later on you won’t be able to access the emails. 

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