Unable to Send Email by Iprimus Webmail

Emails are easy to be accessed on any webmail. Iprimus offers convenience. But there might be times when you can send emails but are unable to receive them on Iprimus webmail. This is an error and it can be corrected. You have to keep in mind that you are using a webmail service for receiving your emails.

It could malfunction at any instance. You just have to perform a few checks so the process gets normal. You can follow the basic steps that are mentioned here below.

Always check with the receiving email settings

You are going to receive the email in your inbox. Any email that ends at your location will always be present in the inbox. There are specific settings that will help you receive the emails in the inbox. You may have to check the exact settings.

Your outgoing server location is already perfect as you can send emails. Do not enable SSL notification. You have to recheck with the user name and password. You can also get in touch with the Iprimus customer support team.

Always check with the firewall settings first

Maybe the firewall is enabled. If this is the case then it may not permit the emails to end up in your inbox. The firewall setting should be disabled. You may have to add the Iprimus email ID to the firewall so the emails are allowed to end safely in the inbox.

To receive the email you may have to disable the firewall settings for a certain time. Once you receive the first email in the inbox then you can enable the firewall settings back again.

Check with security risk

The moment your firewall settings are disabled, your system might be at risk. But if you have widows security enabled then it should not pose a threat. Always perform a check of the windows security settings options.

For some, enabling and disabling the firewall settings may not be easy. You can search for a step-by-step process to perform this task. You can also look around for the Iprimus customer support team online. They will help you out with this technical issue.

Restart the connection

Once the firewall has been disabled you may have to restart the connection back again. This check can also be performed in case the above-mentioned trial and error method fails. You must try and re-establish the connection back again.

If the connection is alright and working you can try and send a self-addressed email. It should end in your inbox.

Webmail testing process

It is important to test the webmail. So if you are using Iprimus you have to test the email on the Iprimus platform. So if the email does not still show up in your inbox then you may have to log into your Iprimus webmail account.


You can visit the official webmail page and try logging in back again. There are chances that you might have signed out accidentally from your webmail account. In case of any further technical issues, you can directly reach out to the support team.

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