Unable to Receive Email on Iprimus Webmail

Emails are one of the fastest means to communicate in the present time. If you have a detailed conversation or a file to share, emails are always better. You can send or receive text messages, files, documents, image, and much more. There certainly is no limitation to the benefits of emails.

It is also one of the safest communications means. If your system is well protected, then the breach is never possible. Due to this reason, people often look around for the best email services and Iprimus webmail is the best.

Why select iPrimus webmail over others?

People are always looking around for something faster, safer and secure. Iprimus offers them all three features. The fact is that it offers a lot more than your expectations. It is getting most frequently used webmail services. If you are unaware of its working you can search for Iprimus phone number and directly get connected to them.

Iprimus is the fastest and most reliable when it comes to receiving and sending webmails but there are times when things malfunction. You certainly realize that you are unable to receive any emails on your Iprimus webmail account. This is when you need to perform basic troubleshooting.

Check with your internet connections

The first thing to do is to check if you are connected to your internet or not. If the network is disrupted then you may not be able to receive or send emails on your Iprimus. It works on an internet network.

This issue is common and in most cases, restarting the internet connection should do the trick. You should try and restart your network connection and then check again for the receiving emails in your Iprimus account.

Check email settings as your next priority

If the email account settings are not perfect, then Iprimus webmail may not function as it should normally, so you should verify with the webmail settings once. The server settings (incoming email server) may not be set to default. You are not using the right incoming server location, and so you face this issue.

If you are unaware of the technical part, then kindly get in touch with the support team. You can search for Iprimus Customer Service Number and directly contact them. Any technical team is always more helpful to the customers.

Firewall status

If the firewall status is not normal, then the emails may never turn out at the right location. To view the email, the system has to accept it. If your Iprimus account is protected by Firewall, then it may not receive and emails. You have to disable the Firewall settings for Iprimus webmail.

If the firewall is enabled then it may not allow you to access incoming emails. Do check with the settings first.


Iprimus webmail services do operate very smoothly. In most cases, you may never face any issues when receiving emails on your webmail service. But if facing issues, you can run basic troubleshooting tasks. This ensures that your emails are always ending up in your inbox.

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