Unable to receive any emails through Dodo via windows mail

Dodo webmail offers the most comprehensive email services in Australia. With over 500,000 users, Dodo is Australia’s largest email service provider. Dodo works on both android phones and desktop internet browsers. There are tons of crucial features on Dodo like mail forwarding, mail deleting and so on. Dodo lets you access all your emails easily from multiple email accounts whenever and wherever you like. It is quite easy to setup Dodo also. However, there might be technical issues at times, but these can be addressed easily. In this small article, you will learn what you should do in case you cannot receive your mails on Dodo.

Unable to receive mails

Are you facing problems in accessing your emails? Are you able to send your mails from Dodo but cannot receive any new emails on Dodo? Have you tried all the methods to fix the issue? Well, if you have tried the correct methods, then you can easily receive mails on Dodo. Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the problem.

Method 1

Check our server settings for incoming mails. These settings are essential for users to receive new emails. You will find the option under your profile settings. These settings have to be in the following order:

  • Incoming mail server: use pop.dodo.com.au
  • Type: It should be POP3
  • Port: Use 110 as a port
  • Authentication Required: Use Yes for this
  • Username: Mailbox username (without @dodo.com.au)
  • Password: Mailbox password
  • Use SSL: It should be No

You should check that the username and the password on Dodo are correct. You can try to send yourself an email and check whether the problem is fixed. In case you face any further problems, then you can follow the method mentioned below.

Method 2

Renew your connection by deleting and remaking a new connection in the email client. Remember to backup your mails before doing this. In case, the problem persists, then visit webmail.dodo.com.au and sign in with your email address and password. Compose a random a mail and send it to yourself and check if you can receive it. If you receive the mail, then you will know that the problem is with your email client and you should contact them immediately to resolve it.

Sometimes, problems can arise also because of issues in your internet connection. So, you should check if your internet connection is strong and stable.

If you face any more problems in receiving new mails in Dodo, then do contact Dodo Customer Support Number. Here, the best professionals and network experts in the industry will answer and clarify all your doubts.


Dodo webmail has multiple useful and interesting features. It is fast, reliable and offers a fluid emailing experience on both your android phone and tablet, and on desktop web browsers. You may face occasional glitches while using Dodo, but these can be easily resolved. Follow the steps mentioned above if you have problems in receiving emails. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you.

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