TPG Webmail Imap and Pop Server Settings Issue

Errors are common. Even when using TPG webmail, you may face iMap and Pop server setting errors. In case this happens you will not be able to send or receive any emails or notifications. The client-side and the operator side server settings should be perfect.

This may require some technical knowledge. It is best to approach a technical team. You can always maintain TPG webmail technical support number with you. In case of such issues, you can always look around for technical help.

Typical issue

In general, you may face issues with sending or receiving emails in your inbox. There may be many reasons for this technical failure. The moment this happens you can cross-check all details entered. It is best, to begin with checking the User name and PW details as well.

The server may never connect if the details are not accurate. So please check with the information you entered as it could have Case sensitive issues as well.

Error with outgoing emails

The outgoing emails have to be delivered once you have selected the “send’ option. but this does not happen. This means that the outgoing emails are showing error. If this happens you may have to check with your ISP’s server-side.

If the issue is from the ISP side, then you may not be able to send any emails using the TPG webmail services. In many cases, it may not be possible to receive emails either. So you can speak directly to your internet service provider.

Check with net connections

TPG webmail is a privately operated email service. There are chances that some regions may offer restrictions to operate TPG webmail. If this happens, you may have to try and make use of Proxy services.

You can immediately check with the official TPG technical support number and collect details of the restricted zones. If the connection is permitted in your area then you will be able to access it.

Check with the right POP up settings

It is a must that you have to enter all POP p email settings as desired. In case you fail to select the right POP up email settings, then you may face error issues. you may not be able to receive the email notifications as well.

You just have to ensure that you verify all settings from a technical person. The settings have to be selected the moment you are creating your TPG webmail account. Do not make any random selections. The server settings have to be set to default if you are not sure.

It is best that you only hire a technical team. If you are facing errors then you can check with the technical person or get in touch with the support team.

Select right email port

Not all ports may be available for the email sending and receiving part. You will have to select the right port settings that you will be using.


TPG webmail will usually perform the same for all devices and platform. You may have to make a few changes in the server settings so you face no issues. It is best to check with the default settings. If you are not tech-savvy, then you can get in touch with the TPG Technical Support team as well.

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