Steps TPG Email Set-up on Windows 10 Mail

Emails today are an integral part of our communication. You can send and receive emails in real-time. Even if you are not logged into your email account, you can still receive notifications related to new emails received.

At the same time, it is possible to send an email to any of the contacts from the list, from the desktop version itself. Technological advancement has made this possible. So, you are also able to setup TGP email, when using the Windows 10 software.

The process is simple, and you may need to perform basic setup options. Follow the steps below mentioned in this content.

Step 1 – Set-up process

It may not be possible to use TGP by default unless you have completed the set-up process on Windows 10 system. You can perform the setup process following a simple procedure. In case you are still unable to perform the DIY process for setup, go through the tutorials.

To initiate a TGP email on Windows 10 device, you will have to enter the email set up mode on the device. 

Step 2 – Select account

The moment you are using an account, always ensure it is your default Windows 10 email account. You will have to enter the Accounts option. Once you are on the Accounts page, you will have to make a selection of the “add accounts” option. You will be able to locate this option under the manage account tab. For in-depth information you can speak to our TPG customer care executives

Step 3 – Select advanced settings

You have to keep in mind that you are adding a new TGP email account to the Windows 10 email. So this is about making advanced settings. Just click the advance settings option from the accounts set-up page.

The moment you click, you will be provided with many options including Outlook, Exchange, Google, iCloud and others. The advanced setup option is the final one on this list. Just click it and continue further.

Step 4 – Check with internet email option

The very next step is to make a selection of the internet email tab. You will find this particular option once you enter the advanced settings option. The screen will display the option right at the bottom of the list. 

To make the selection you will have to click on the option with the mouse click.

Step 5 – Enter information

To create your TGP email on the Windows 10 email, you are expected to provide basic information. The user field is provided as the first option. You will have to provide your email ID as the user name.

The password is also mandatory. You have to provide the password to access the email. Once these steps are done, you will have to set u the email accounts page. You have to select the preferred TGP email option. 

You will have to set this email account as your default email account. You will only then be able to send and receive emails using TGP. If you still need help, do not hesitate to call on the TPG Helpline Number.


Once everything is set up now you are ready to use the TGP email on your Windows 10 device. The process is easy and will hardly take a few minutes to activate. All your outgoing and incoming emails can now be tracked on the desktop.

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