Steps to sign up TGP Webmail

Sign up is generally an option that is provided for any new user. So if you are a new user, then you may have to signup for the TGP webmail account. The process of signing up is very much similar to opening up your account with any other email services.

You may have to select the basic information like your email account name, PW credentials and then complete a few verification processes. Once all the processes are completed, you will be able to enjoy ad-free email services.

Decide account type

The first basic step is to decide the type of account you want to create. You still have an option to make a selection of free, paid or business account. It depends on your personal needs. You are free to make a selection of the organizational account as well.


If you already have your TGP webmail account, then you can simply log-in to your account. You will be able to send and receive emails directly as notifications. But for others who do not have an account, will have to create one. We can also help you if you call on the TPG technical helpline number.

Create your business account

The business account or any other account will usually follow the same procedure. The steps are not different. Only the selection part will differ. The service is best for anyone who wants to maintain privacy when sending or receiving emails from clients.

Businesses have the benefit as they may not have to worry about bulk spam mails in their spam bin. You will also not have to be considerate about the ads that usually are annoying in the inbox.

To create your business webmail account you will have to access the DNS manager. This will allow you to make changes to the domain settings part. If you want to learn more, talk to our TPG Customer Care Number.

Select a customized email address

The users will have the benefit to make a selection of the custom email address as well. So if you like the email in your name you can check for availability. In a few cases, customization will always take some time. You may have to select an email name that you will easily remember.

The address will always be by default set to TGP webmail. There is a fixed format that users will have to follow when making a selection of the TGP webmail user account.

Always make unique selections

Common names are always difficult to find when looking around to set your user name. This means that you may have to focus on selecting unique names. There are more chances that unique names will pass the approval process easily as compared to generic names.

Once the name is selected, you will have to provide other details asked in the form. It may include a mobile verification process as well.


You will be able to complete the process of account opening only if the verification has been done. Your mobile number will be used as a part of the verification process.


TGP webmail is more convenient to use as compared to any free email services. It offers with convenience to use the email services without actually logging into your original email account. You will be able to integrate your secondary email account with TGP webmail as well.

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