Steps to sign up for Bigpond Email Account

Bigpond is an email service provider from Telstra. It gives you access to connect your mail to your mobile phone and pc as well. Bigpond enables a smooth and easy flow of communication. It satisfies all the expectations of rapidly improving technology. It also keeps upgrading new features to keep up with the market. Bigpond is an extension of Telstra services, so you don’t have to go through a different process to make a separate email account on Bigpond. You’ll need the Telstra username and its password; that’s it. 

Steps to sign up for Bigpond email account 

1. First, make sure your system is connected to a well-working network, wifi, or personal data. 

2. Go to the browser that you use and search for the term ‘Bigpond email sign up’. You’ll have the search results in front of you.

3. Click on the very first link that appears on your search results page, which says, ‘sign in to My Telstra’. 

4. Clicking on this link will lead to a dialogue that will ask you to enter your Telstra username and password. Make sure you enter the right details of your Telstra account.

5. Then tick the reCAPTCHA below the password and click on the sign-in button. Doing this will technically confirm that you’re not a bot. You cannot log in without ticking that box.

6. If you observe, there are 4 more options besides signing up. First is the option to ‘remember username’; tick this box if the system you are logging in is your own or a system you use frequently. ‘Recover username’ is the second one; click that one when you forgot your username, it will ask you some details, and your username would be recovered. Just beside that, there is ‘reset password’. Use this option in case you forgot your password. It will lead you to a similar process of asking for some of your details for verification, and you’ll be able to set up a new password.

Creating a Telstra ID 

If you don’t have a Telstra ID, the above steps are useless until you create one. You need to create a new Telstra ID for using the Bigpond email services. The bottommost and the fourth option you’ll see on the above-discussed page would be ‘Create a new Telstra ID’. Use this link to create a new Telstra ID; it is just a matter of minutes. Steps –

1. Once you click on ‘create a new ID’, the website would ask you to enter a new email ID and a new password. You can set up the email according to your preference, but the password needs to be strong. 

2. The next step would be to enter your name, mobile number, and a few personal details. Fill out these details, and it would ask for verification of your mobile number.

3. Verify your mobile number through a one-time password, and you’re done.

4. You can now go to the log in the window of Telstra ID and use Bigpond email services anytime.

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