Steps to sign up dodo email account

For more productivity, it is essential to creates professional email address.  Creating a pro email address effectively shows that you are a legitimate business. It allows your customers and employees to know how to contact you and how to access your services.Using this type of email address also allows you to limit the risk of ending up in junk mail. How to creates free professional email? What is the need for a professional email address? What are the advantages of creating a professional address? Here are the steps to sign up for a dodo email account for your business.

How to get an email address?

If you want to create a free email address, you have two options. The first is to opt for a hosting account with Dodo. You get many free professional email addresses for you and your employees. Another option is also to use Dodo to get a free business email account. However, this only works if you currently have a domain that you can use. The Dodo method is recommended if you just want to buy a domain and use it for your emails.

However, Dodo is a complete web hosting and email hosting solution. It’s not exactly free, yet it’s the best choice on the market. With Dodo, you only pay for the website and hosting, but you get the free bonus email accounts. Dodo hosting is actually very affordable. Once the payment is made, you get a free installation for WordPress, i.e., all you have to do is find a WordPress theme to manage your online store or business page. You just need to install WordPress and the theme via Dodo. This will give you a complete website with professional email addresses.

What are the steps to create an email address through Dodo

The first step in creating an email address is to obtain a Dodo account and choose your domain. To do this, just go to and click on the start button. It offers you three hosting plans. It’s always best to go with the essential plan upfront, as this gives you five accessible business email accounts right from the start. Plus, you get enough website space and bandwidth for the majority of small business websites. As soon as you have chosen the plan, you will come through the process of acquiring your hosting account. You then need to fill in some personal information and your credit card number.

The second step for creating an email address is to set up your new address. To complete the registration with Dodo, you must open your Dodo CPanel to find all the configurations and options. Scroll down the list until you reach the area called Email, then press the Email Manager button. Press the “create an email account” button. This is where you put the name of your Email. Next, create an address to link to the email account. After that, press the “Create” button to generate your new email address. You currently have a new address that you can set up with other email clients.

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