Steps to do if TGP email service is compromised?

Hacking is getting very common nowadays. Email accounts are also vulnerable to hacks. No matter on which device or platform you access your TGP email, hackers will always find a way to access your valuable information.

They will easily target email accounts that do not have strong password. If you are accessing your email account very often from open public networks, then hackers will easily target it. You have to consider using strong security measures.

In most cases, it may never be possible to target hackers. So you should take your necessary precautions in advance.

Use strong password

Once you have recovered your hacked email ID, the very next step is to take precautionary measures. You should immediately try and change PW settings. Never make use of a password that is the same as your email account.

Always test the strength of the password that you are using. You can try and make use of the combinations that include numbers, alphabets and special symbols. A good combination of these three will always make your email difficult to hack.

Protect illegal access

In general, hackers are simply interested in accessing your email ID so they can get inside the inbox of the email. They will target your contact list. The same list can be used by them to request money. Once done they will leave your email account for you to operate.

This is one task that you may have to prevent from happening next time. So try and maintain a strong authentication process. You can make use of a two-step authentication process.

Act immediately

The process of acting immediately means that you need to take preventive measures so it does not happen next time. There practically is nothing you can do, once the account has been compromised. But you can always take precautions.

Always use a password that does not resemble your date of birth, nickname, a part of your name or a combination.

Try and set a password that is not easy to crack. The same combinations should be used very often.

Change passwords very often

If possible it is best to keep changing passwords very often. You can set a new password on daily basis. This makes it difficult for hackers to access your account every time. Make changes very frequently once you have accessed your email.

Send short reminder

The very next step is to send a short reminder to your contact list. Always remind them that your account was compromised. So they will take precautions on their own. do not save any password by default on web browsers.

Web browsers are easy to hack. Hackers may only need your IP address to hack your web browser. You should also try and use only dedicated WiFi services.


Compromised email accounts are easy to recover but hacking can cause a lot of damage. The hackers will get access to your private information as well. Do not save the password on the system or your mobile phone. It is safer to enter the password manually every time you log in.

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