Outlook – Sending and Receiving Email Issues

Email is one of the most frequently used means of communication today. For business, emails are more important. They help you stay connected to the client and customers at the same time. It is vital as you share sensitive information with customers via email. The process to send or receive emails in your inbox is simple. But in a few cases, you may face issues when the email does not move in or out of the inbox.

There could be many reasons why you are unable to send or receive emails normally. Always ensure that you have signed into the right email account. You will have to use your ID and PW. Once you are signed into the account, the process to send or receive should not be complicated.

Issues with receiving emails

In general, the emails will end up in the default email ID location. You will be able to see the email in the inbox. Any new email will always end up in the inbox. So it is important to check with the inbox for any new email.

But there may be issues when you find that the email is not in the inbox. This is a general issue that may need little concerns.

Check with the junk box

Some email IDs may need to be added to your client or customer list. If not then there are chances that the email could also end up in the junk box. This is more common if the email ID of the sender is suspicious.

If this happens then you will find it in the junk box. You will only have to open up the junk box and then select to move the email to the inbox. You will also have to add the email ID to your most preferred list.

Over flooded inbox

General, you may never face this issue. Most email services will provide extended storage capacity. But if you are using the email ID as your prime business mail ID then you will be receiving a lot of emails every minute. This is when the storage capacity might get overloaded.

If this happens then you will have to clear some of the unwanted or not so important emails. Clear the inbox and then try again. It should free some storage area

Check with filter settings

This is one of the main reasons why you are unable to receive a few selected emails in the inbox. You will have to change the filter settings of the email. This can be done from the settings tab. In case you find it difficult you can also contact the Office Outlook tech support team.

Message limits

You will be unable to send an email or receive them if you have reached your daily sending or receiving limits. You have to go to the settings tab and make changes so you can receive and send more emails.


In most cases, individuals may never face email sending or receiving issues. But if you do, then it is better to get in touch with the Outlook Customer Support Number team. You can reach them at any time.

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