How to Setup TGP Email Setup in Outlook 2016

It is possible to access your TGP email on Microsoft Outlook 2016. The process is quite simple. You may need to make a few selections on the settings menu. Once all settings have been done, you will be able to access TGO emails on Microsoft Outlook 2016.

But before you begin with the entire process of setup, you will have to ensure that you maintain your User name and Password handy with you. This is important so you can access your account. 

In case of issues, you can always get in touch with the support team. They will always be willing to help you out.

Step 1 – Add account

The first step to get started is the account adding process. This option you will have to select from the main menu. Enter the setup page and look around for the ‘Add account option. It is provided on the top left corner of the settings tab. You will have to click this option.

Step 2 – email ID

The very next step is to make a selection of the TGP email ID. You will have to provide the email ID that you want to add. The selection has to be enabled. You can click with the mouse to enable it.

It is always best to make the selections of adding account manually. Once this is done, you will have to manually get connected to the email account. Select the ‘manual’ option when setting up the account. Next, you will have to select the ‘Continue’ option.

Step 3 – Advanced setup

It is not possible to add a new email account unless you enter the advanced setup option. Select this option from the tab that opens up next. You will have to make a selection of the email account type that you have to create. 

In general, users prefer to make a selection of the ‘POP’ email type. This is common when using the TGP email setup option. the option may not be available for users who hold a valid IMAP email account.

Step 4 – Account settings

In case to fully operate the TGP email account on Microsoft Outlook 2016 you will have to provide details of both Incoming and outgoing email server type. The selection can be made easily by clicking the option from the drop-down menu. You will have to provide details of the Ports available for both types.

The port selection may not be the same for both incoming and outgoing emails. By default, these are ports 110 and Port 25. Just enter the right port type to proceed.

If all the steps have been performed then you will have to select the ‘Done’ option from the tab. 

Step 5 – security

The final step is to ensure the email account is secured. You will have to provide Password details. The email ID will be displayed on the top.


If all the above-mentioned steps have been done then you will be able to access the TGP email on your Microsoft Outlook 2016 account. In most cases, you may never encounter any issues. If you do then immediately get n touch with the TPG Technical Support team.

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