How to setup TGP email on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPads are devices many people use today. You can access your TGP email on these devices as well. They are compatible. The setup can be performed so you can access TGP email on these devices as well.

The process of setup can be performed both manually and automatically. The steps are simple in both cases.

Automatic setup process

iPhones may in general use the iCloud services. These are common for all types of email services. The process of email account setup is generally best when done automatically. You just have to maintain your user ID and PW handy.

Automatically setting process

To set the TGP email on the device automatically, you will have to enter the settings tab. This can be located on the iPhone menu. On the settings tab, you will have to select the set email option.

The email account is to be added to the device. You may have to select TGP as the email provider. To add the account you will have to enter the valid TGP email ID and PW details. Once entered, you can now select the Next option.

Verification process

The email account will be verified. The verification email will be sent to your device. You have to access it to verify. The process of verification can be done within a few seconds. You can now extract all contact details directly from the email folder.

You can save the ID and PW details as default. This is more convenient.

Manual email account setup process

If you want to do the entire setup manually, it is possible as well. The email settings in this case have to be provided manually. You should maintain all details with you handy before you get started.

You can check with full details in the email folder or even get in touch with the technical team. They will be able to best guide you through the entire manual procedure.

Open up the settings option

The first step can be performed once you have all details with you. Just click the settings option on the iPhone or iPad. Here you will have to select the email option. Once the option is selected now you will have to select the accounts tab.

Account add

The second accounts page will open up. On this page, you will have to open up the add account option. This is a second tab that will allow users to add email accounts manually. When adding accounts you will have to provide all set of information that is authentic. 

Invalid information will restrict you from accessing the account.


To access using TGP email on the iPhone and iPad you will have to enter the name along with the valid email address. Once this is done you also have to provide valid password details.

Uses will also have to provide a brief description of the account type. It is important to make the right selection of POP type email. The services will be available after the verification process completes.

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