How to Setup Dodo Email Account in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email server selection for many. You can now configure Dodo webmail with a Microsoft Outlook account. You are probably running your Outlook on Windows 10 or other versions. The process to configure an account is simple.

For individuals who are never tech-savvy, they can directly get in touch with the Outlook tech support team. You can reach them via email or live chat. The team is supportive and willing to help you out.

Others can follow the simple steps that are mentioned here in this content below.

Step 1 – Account login

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then to sync with the Dodo webmail, you have to access the Outlook account on your device. If you are using your laptop then try and login into your Outlook account. Provide a valid email ID and password to log in.

It may not be possible for anyone to access Dodo email on outlook unless you are logged in. you can open the MS settings page to log in to outlook.

Step 2 – Run account settings

The very next step is crucial. You will have to access the account settings page. Once you are accessing the accounts setting option, you will have to provide with necessary details. To locate this option you will have to access the “Tools” option from Microsoft Outlook.

Step 3 – Create New

As you are accessing your Dodo webmail for the first time on your Outlook account, so it is a must that you add a new account. Select the new option and then click ok

Step 4 – Server selection

Here you may have to make a selection of POP3, HTTP and IMAP settings. You have to ensure that you click the right settings option. You can also get in touch with the expert Dodo Tech Support Number team. This is important if you want Outlook to sync with the Dodo webmail.

Step 5 – Configuration type

Users still have the benefit to configure the system manually or automatically. You can also make the selection of adding new server details. You have to enter the details and then select next. You will have to select the right email ID and account details.

Wrong selections will force the system not to receive or send emails on Outlook. It is a must to provide relevant information details. Once all information is added you can now select the Next option.

Account testing

The main benefit here is that you can also test the account settings that you just provided. This has to be done before the settings are applied. To test you may have to select the Close option.

Users will be able to view the new email settings they just made on Outlook.


Once all details are provided, you can verify the information and close the settings window. For testing, you can run the email using Outlook. You should be able to send and receive 

Dodo emails using Microsoft Outlook. The process is easy and can be performed by anyone.

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