How to Setup Bigpond emails in Windows Mail?

Have you recently generated your Telstra Mail and can’t add that to your Windows 10 mail? Well, many Windows users face the same problem and they don’t have clear ideas of how to do so. Especially, if you’re not quite tech-savvy, you must have a fear of messing up your PC while setting up your Telstra mail. However, the process of adding a Telstra mail to a Windows mail is not that much complicated. You need to possess the in-depth technical knowledge to complete the procedure. All you need are your Telstra mail ID, password, and access to your Windows mail. Most Windows users run the latest version of Windows 10 inside their PCs. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, consider purchasing the latest version. Telstra mail addition is comparatively easier with Windows 10 than other versions of Windows.

Here, we are going to discuss the entire process through a step-by-step guide to help you add your Telstra mail to your Windows mail.

The procedure to add your Bigpond email to your Windows mail

First of all, you should know the ID and password of your Telstra mail account. The process can’t be initiated without these. In case, if you’ve forgotten your password, reset your password by visiting the official website of Telstra. Once you retrieve your password, follow the steps below to complete the procedure-

  • Go to the main page of Windows mail 10. You will find a cog icon on the page that you need to click on. By doing so, you’ll get redirected to mail settings.
  • On the settings page, you’ll find an option- Manage accounts. You’re supposed to click on that option and you will find another option- Add account.
  • As you select that option, an option will pop up underneath named- Other accounts (POP, IMAP).
  • Over there, you will be able to enter your Telstra email address and password. Once you have input those, click on Sign in for signing into your Telstra mail.
  • With a single click on the option mentioned above, Windows mail will initiate automatic account set up. Once the setup procedure is done, you should click on the Done option to finish the operation.

This is all you need to do to add your Telstra mail to Windows mail 10. In case, if you’re stuck at any of these steps, visit Bigpond Help and Support to troubleshoot your issue.

You can modify your Bigpond email account by following the below-mentioned procedure-

  • Perform the steps mentioned above to go to the Manage Accounts page. There you will find the accounts you’ve added previously. From the list, select the mail account that you intend to modify.
  • Once you select the specific account, you have to click on account settings. You’ll find a new page appearing on your screen. On that page, you will see several setting options and customizations. You need to customize the syncing settings and advanced settings according to your requirements.
  • After you complete customizing the settings, click on Done to save the moderated settings.

These are the steps to add your Bigpond email to your Windows mail and customize the Telstra mail. Get in touch with the Bigpond Customer Care Service Number to learn more about email setup.

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