How to setup Bigpond emails in Mac Mail?

Mac users often find difficulties while setting up their Bigpond emails in their Mac Mails. If you’ve upgraded to MacBook recently from Windows, you’re bound to face the same problem. The interface and operational functions of a Mac are pretty different from Windows. Do you also have a question about how you can set up your Bigpond email in your Mac Mail? Well, this article will help you find the accurate answer to your question.

Before diving into the topic, you should know about Bigpond emails in detail. Actually, the Bigpond email is your Telstra Mail that helps you access your Bigpond account or Telstra account. As you configure your Bigpond email properly, you become able to connect to your email services from mobile and desktop devices.

The procedure to configure your Bigpond email in your Mac Mail

First of all, make sure that you remember your Telstra email id and password. These inputs are necessary while you try to set up your Bigpond email. Also, ensure that you have access to the email id. That will be helpful for password recovery if you forget the password somehow.

The procedure depends on what version of Mac you’re using currently. 

If your  MacBook includes OSX version 10.5 or above, you can add your Bigpond email automatically. The procedure for performing this function is quite easy and effortless. Anyway, you will have to manually set up your Bigpond email in case of a Mac Book with an OSX version below 10.5. We are going to discuss both the procedures through step-by-step guides. You can also reach our Bigpond Customer Care for more information on email configuration.

Automatic setup procedure 

  • At first, you need to click on the Apple menu, and you will see numerous options over there. Scroll down, and you can see the Mail option. By clicking on that option, you will get the Preferences option. Select that option using your mouse pointer and you will get a new page on the screen. 
  • The system will redirect you to a new page where you can see a tab named Accounts. Check for a + symbol over there. That symbol enables you to add a new mail account. Click on that symbol to proceed to the next step. 
  • The system will ask you for the email address that you want to add. Add your Telstra email address over there, put the password and click on Sign in.  
  • If your system supports automatic addition, your account will get added after these steps. 

Manual setup procedure 

After performing the automatic setup procedure, you might find that your account is not added. Well, then you will have to add Your Telstra email manually. If you find the process difficult for you, get in touch with Bigpond customer Service to get detailed assistance.

Bigpond tech support handles their clients with professional approaches. You can dial the Bigpond technical helpline number for any kind of query or technical assistance.

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