How to set up OptusNet email on Windows mail?

Within the Windows mail operating system, we can link our OptusNet email accounts in a much easier way than in previous versions. Getting the OptusNet tech support behind is one added advantage in this case.

Steps to follow

To set up your OptusNet email accounts with the OptusNet email application included in Windows mail, click Start and tap or click Mail. Then in the Add Account window, press or click on Advanced settings.

This manual will explain how to configure your outlook or OptusNet email in Microsoft Windows mail easily and quickly. With this manual, you will be able to:

  • Configure Mail in Windows mail with POP3
  • Configure Mail in Windows mail with IMAP4

Add a new account

IMAP4 and POP3 settings in Windows mail

Certificate and security

Support and technical team

Other Help Guides:

Add a new account

From the beginning, we go to the application «Mail.»

We access the “Accounts” section

And we add a new one in the «Add account.»

In the type of account, we go to “Advanced Settings.”

IMAP4 and POP3 settings in Windows mail

The account can be configured as POP or IMAP. This manual will configure it as IMAP, but the steps are identical if you decide to choose the POP configuration in Windows mail.

In our case, we are going to use the OptusNet account with the mail server. You have to change these data for those belonging to the OptusNet email account you will configure. The mail server will be a mail followed by the name of the domain for which we configure the account.

In the type of account, we put IMAP, but you can change it to POP if you want. We remind you that the first option allows mail synchronization between various devices while the last one cannot.

The server for outgoing Mail is the same as for incoming Mail. We will leave the rest of the options checked and add port 587 to the outgoing mail server as follows:

Certificate and security

We almost have it, the account is configured, but we have to make one more adjustment.

When we give it to synchronize, a message will appear indicating that the certificate is not trusted. The certificate that we are going to use is that of the Plesk Panel, it is not signed by a certification authority, but it is totally safe to send and receive information between servers in an encrypted way.

If you want to acquire a certificate from a certifying entity, you can purchase it on our secure mail certificate page; it will allow the connections to be signed, encrypted, and authenticated. If you do not want to purchase any, do not worry, you can press continue.

We give it to continue

Congratulation! You now have your OptusNet email fully configured for Windows mail. You can directly send and receive OptusNet emails.

Finally, once these steps have been carried out, a window will appear according to which the account has been configured correctly. Now simply click on done, and we will have everything ready to use our OptusNet email accounts in Windows Mail.

Many Windows mail users use external programs to configure their OptusNet email accounts. Among the most prominent is Outlook in its various versions available. You can visit our Outlook section on our blog to learn more about its settings.  

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