How to Set up OptusNet Email on Mac Mail

In this article, we will detail the process of setting up an OptusNet email account already created in cdmon in the Mail client.

The screenshots in this tutorial use sample data. You must replace the value with the OptusNet email account you want to configure and the domain with the corresponding one. Make use of the OptusNet phone number for the best solution now. They are the best ones to take care of this work.

1. Previous account configuration

If this is the first time, you start the application, the dialog box attached to the screenshot will be displayed. Otherwise, you must go to the Mail> Preferences> Accounts section and click on the + symbol. Next, select the Other Mail Account option and press the Continue button.

Next, you must enter the “Name” that you want to view as a contact (name and surname, company name, nickname, etc.), the corresponding “OptusNet email,” your access “Password,” and press the Login button.

2. Main Account Information

On the following screen, you enter your OptusNet email in the fields “OptusNet email” and “Username” and “Password” access. In the “Account type” section, you must choose the connection protocol you want, IMAP or POP3 (more information on the difference between IMAP and POP3). This section will determine the “Incoming mail server” you must enter ( or Finally, indicate your “Outgoing mail server” and press the Login button.

  • If the following dialog box appears, click the Show Certificate button.
  • In this way, you will be able to view the certificate configuration options and once you select the values. Always trust shown in the screenshot that we attach below, press the Continue button.
  • The operating system will ask you for the user’s password (user of your personal computer) who is performing the configuration. Once entered, press the Update Settings button.
  • Finally, select the applications that will use your OptusNet email account and press the OK button.

3. Advanced options of the OptusNet email account

Once the account has been added, you must modify a series of parameters to ensure its correct operation. Go to the Mail section > Preferences> Accounts; once you have selected the appropriate mailbox (the account that is being configured), click on the Server Settings tab.

Check the data added through the previous screenshot (you must uncheck the option Manage connection settings automatically to see all the fields). If you have made a configuration under the IMAP protocol, press the Advanced IMAP settings button to check the Allow non-secure authentication option. Choose the best OptusNet Customer Support for the right solution.

Next, you must click on the Account drop-down in the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” section and select the option Edit SMTP server list.

You must review the configuration that is displayed in this dialog window with the data shown in the screenshot (you must uncheck the option Manage connection settings automatically to view all fields).

Important: If you have the domain registered in cdmon and you want your outgoing Mail (SMTP) to be encrypted (SSL), you must change the SMTP port to 465 and check “Use SSL / TLS.”

Finally, click the Advanced tab, select the value None in the “TLS Certificate” box and check the Allow non-secure authentication option.After accepting the changes, your OptusNet email account will be configured correctly.

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