How to Set up Dodo Email on an IPad

Looking at some of the best email client software available, Dodo does come on the list with the best feature and working platform. Dodo is actually email client software that was actually designed to provide extra benefit to the user. For new users, we haveoften experienced that email term makes their confusion. Confusion with working with the software and making changes. To take such confusion away from the user, Dodo has developed an email client which is very easy to read and operate. There is no such hard process or difficulty when it comes to Dodo email. The userinterface is very simple and minimal; it will not be hard for users to navigate around the system. If there are any queries for Dodo email then connect with Technical Support.

Let’s get to learn some more about Dodo email, what should we head into, the best part to discuss about Dodo email is creating a group for users’ content. With the following functionality, the user will be able to create separate groups in which if a user is trying to send a single email then one email will be enough which will be transferred to everyone in the group. It is as similar as creating groups in other social media. It will surely help people who are studying, working together, and other sorts of users using email service in a group. There are many more things that can be added and used in the group functionality. If users want to use the feature and don’t know where to look for support then connect with Customer Care Service.

Dodo email as we learned is a very useful software to operate with email service, the service was first launched for Windows users, then as the user grew and saw that also another operating system requires Dodo application, Dodo launched its service foriPad. Users now can add their Dodo email account on their iPad. The feature is free to use where the user will not have to make any additional payment to use the feature. If users are looking for instructions for configuration then follow the points given below.

  • The first user will have to head to Settings, Mail, Contact
  • Then tap on the email account.
  • Users will then have to add their email address and password.
  • Then the user can manually or automatically make changes to the server settings.
  • The user will then have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the process is complete Dodo will be connected.

With the given steps the email service will be connected to the iPad and users will be able to access the email service from the iPad. If there is any other question for Dodo email then don’t forget to connect with the Dodo Customer Support Number.

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