How to forward Telstra (Bigpond) emails to another account?

Telstra email services are one of the best email services all over the world. Premium features, advanced techniques, and secure authentication services have increased the reputation of Telstra email in a significant way. Bigpond offers many specialized services to their clients to make them preferable to their other competitors. The number of Telstra email service users has increased in a large number these days. Moreover, Telstra has active administration to serve its clients at its best. 

Besides, you might need to forward some mails from your Bigpond Gmail to other accounts like Google Gmail sometimes. You may feel a little bit confused about how to forward your Telstra emails to other email addresses automatically. 

Here we are about to discuss the complete process regarding email forward. It would be best if you go through the following article before forwarding your important emails. Here is how to set up the entire method:

  • At first, you need to log into webmail using your username and password. Then, you will need to do captcha verification in order to progress. Without successful verification, you won’t be able to forward your mails to other accounts.
  • After the page opens, go to the setting option and you will need to select the cog symbol from there. Then, this page will be redirected to the email section of your account.
  • In the email section, select the certain email that you want to forward. After the mail selection, you will get an option named Auto-forward. After that, you have to select the Auto-forward option to enable the email forward technique. Then, you will need to tick the Enable Auto Forward option. If you progress without checking a certain box, you won’t be able to enable the auto-forward option.
  • Then you have to enter the destination email address when you want to get your selected mail forwarded. You can forward your mail to different accounts like- Goggle Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. It would be best if you separate each address with a comma. It will help to specify respective email addresses to forward emails conveniently.
  • You will get an option named Keep a copy in your inbox there. The main thing is, you will get this option ticked as default. If you don’t need any copies to keep, you can simply untick this box. But we will recommend you to keep this box remain as default.
  • After finishing all the above-mentioned activities, just select Save symbol and you are all done. Now, you can enjoy the automatic email forwarding service in your Telstra email forwarding service.

We hope these methods will surely help you to fulfill your query. You can also cancel the email forwarding by taking the help of Telstra Crowd Support Forum and 24×7 customer care service. Moreover, you can also add a mailbox to your user id by signing into it. You will get an additional 10 GB of storage space to use along with your mailboxes. If you have further queries regarding that issue, feel free to contact the Telstra customer helpdesk.

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