How to Forward Dodo Emails to another account?

These days, it is virtually impossible to live without emails. People use their email applications daily for not just communicating on business and work affairs but also for personal correspondence. Today, people have multiple email accounts for various purposes also. This explains why people use email applications. These applications allow you to essentially have all your emails from different platforms in one singular place. Dodo webmail is one such application, and it is the most popular email app in Australia with millions of users. However, there are some occasional glitches in the app. This app will address how you should resolve such glitches.

Dodo Service

Dodo Services Private Limited, popularly known as just Dodo, is primarily an internet service provider in Australia. The company is located in Melbourne and is a subsidiary of the renowned Vocus Communications group. The company started out in 2001 and today, it has expanded its services and includes mobile broadband, car insurance services, gas provider, electricity generator and even VoIP services.

The M2 group acquired the company in 2013. Before this buy out, the company had well over 400,000 subscribers and over 700,000 daily users. M2 had to pay over 200 million dollars to buy the company.

Today Dodo has a dedicated email service also called Dodo webmail which helps users access all their emails from multiple accounts at one place.

Occasional Glitches

Although Dodo offers robust all-round mailing services, there can be times when the app can appear to malfunction. Most of the times, these malfunctions are the results of faulty updates and internet problems. But, nonetheless, they can be easily resolved. A common complaint that users have is that they cannot easily forward their mails from Dodo to another account. In the following section, you will learn to exactly this and understand how to forward dodo emails to another account.

1. Click on the Email icon in the control panel

Log in to your Dodo webmail account and click on the Email icon and go to the mail administration system. Here you can find the account to which you want to set up the email forwarding services. By clicking on the settings option, you can see the option for Forwarding mails. You need to click on this option and add the mailing address to which you want to send your mails.

2. Confirm the action

Remember to confirm mail forwarding services as otherwise, you may end up sending spam mails. So, verify all email forwards. Click on the option for verifying each mail that you send out.

That is all you need to do set up email forwarding on Dodo. Remember to choose the mail addresses to which you want to forward the mails and your mailing account from which you want to send out the mails. In case you face any further issues, you can contact Dodo Customer Number for more information.


It is really easy to set up email forwarding on Dodo. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above. Hopefully, this article will be useful to you.

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