How to configure manually iPrimus email in outlook

When we look at the top telecommunication company which is operating in Australia then iPrimus is the name which can be found on the top of the list. It has been several years since the company has been founded and thus so far it has successfully been able to please users with its best service. IPrimus provides us with mind-blowing internet plans; you can use the medium to pay bills, and also use the Webmail service. There will be very less other companies that will provide as much iPrimus are providing to users. Users can also check on the package system according to the requirement. To work with the service and communicate effectively the webmail service has been added. And these days without email, it can be quoted that, work can hardly get completed. IPrimus email services are one of the email software in which users can find the different tastes of operating communication medium. Once the user checks on the email software, you will understand on your own what we are talking about. To know more about iPrimus email or to get an answer for any queries for iPrimus connects with Customer Care Number.

We do understand that there are several new users who are looking at the email system for the first time, don’t worry we will be providing the details about iPrimus email in detail from a beginner point of view. All of the processes will be explained to the user, in which we would like to discuss adding a folder to iPrimus email. It is suggested to keep email in folders, by the following way user will be able to navigate the email at necessary times. It would be very troublesome to search for emails if stored in a common Inbox folder. Users create as many folders and sub-folders as required. The following creation of a folder also helps in times when we accidentally delete the wrong email. Keeping the email separate does make accidental deleting of email less. Users can connect with IPrimus Technical Support where every step will be explained how to create a folder in iPrimus email.

In the following section, we take questions that are sent by users. We are always there to support users with their confusion and problems, user can keep their queries or even contact the support to get solutions. In the following question, the user has asked the ways for manually configuring iPrimus email in Outlook. It is one of the most used features by users in which multiple accounts can be accessed by single points. Without wasting any time, let’s check the process.

  • Open Outlook and click on File > Add account
  • Then when the new screen appears, the user must add their email address.
  • Click on Advanced options.
  • Check the box where Let me set up my account manually.
  • Then click on connect.The user will then have to add the server details and port number.

Complete the process and iPrimus email will be configured manually in the user’s device. For more kindly reach out to Support Inquiry.

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