How to configure Iprimus webmail in Mac mail?

It is possible to configure one webmail with another. It helps you receive and send emails with convenience. The notifications are received on the desktop. If you are using a Mac device, you can still receive notifications related to Iprimus webmail on your Mac mail.

You have to keep in mind that technology has no limits one type can always be integrated with the other type. Integration helps get it more convenient. If you are not a DIY technical person type, then you can also contact the Iprimus webmail technical support team online.

How do you configure Iprimus webmail?

The webmail is easy to configure. You can also configure it to use it more conveniently to along with your Mac mail services. You still have an option to select three basic types of configuration settings.

You can use it as a regular webmail service. For many, this type is more convenient. It allows users to send and receive emails directly on any Mac device. It will also offer with benefit where you can check with latest incoming emails on your Mac mail device.

So, if you are using an Apple iPhone, you can use this service to receive and send emails directly. When using Iprimus webmail, you need to keep in mind that you are using an email account that is online.

General iprimus webmail server settings to follow

For configuring Iprimus webmail with your Mac mail, you have to ensure that you make a selection of the right settings. The set up has to be done on your Iprimus webmail account. when performing the configuration part you will have to enter the details related to the POP mail server.

Users are also expected to enter the details related to the SMPT server location. If you are not having these details, then you can directly reach out to Iprimus Technical Support team.

Provide details related to personal email

Users need to provide with most accurate details related to their email iD. Here you have to enter the email user name. you can use the same email user name that you are currently using.

The user name will help identify the email address that you want by default on Iprimus when using on the MAC mail device.

Once the user name has been provided you will have to enter the right Pass word you use for accessing the email account. try and make use of the Password that is the same as you use it on the internet.

If all entries are ok then you should be able to configure the Iprimus webmail with your Mac mail on your device. It is also important for you to set the best authentication process. Always ensure you make use of a strong password. 


For effective configuration, it is advisable to close any other window on the desktop or Apple device that you are using. The process of configuration should not take much time. You should now be able to receive all notifications directly on your Mac mail device.

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