How to Backup Bigpond Emails and Folders

Bigpond is one of the most loved and used email client software to the present date. There are many other such email client software but compared with Bigpond that software can’t last with its feature and functionality. Bigpond comes with its best functionality where the infrastructure is built in a very simple manner;the email software can be easily understood. Not only with the appearance but Bigpond has the system of filtering spam email and separating it from the main inbox folder. Users will be able to only see necessary emails in their inbox and other unnecessary emails will be stored in the Spam folder. It is a very useful feature that has been added to Bigpond’s email. With the following feature, it will be a great help for users to operate email service. For more on Bigpond email kindly reach out to the Support Service Number.

 We just talked about the feature added in the Bigpond email; all the spam emails are now taken care of. That was something in which the user did not have to make any changes. The only thing that the user will have to do is head to the spam folder at a regular interval of time and delete the collected emails. There are other features in which users will have to make changes on their own. Features such as setting personal IMAP and POP server. The following feature will allow the user to access email on a different device connected and also will be able to download emails and content. If you are running a company or institute such an email server is required, it will help users to operate effectively. Want to learn more about these kinds of features? Connect with Customer Care Service.

We have learned that email service is for delivering and receiving emails, well that is a major part of using an email service. Now Bigpond has brought in a new feature in which users will be able to place a backup for their email and folders. Isn’t that great, the following feature will allow the user to access their files anytime, anywhere in the presence of the internet. Now to make changes follow the given points.

  • Users will have to login into their Bigpond email account.
  • Then the user will have to head to the allocated cloud storage through a user account.
  • Once it’s opened, in the following section user can upload files and backup their email.
  • Users can delete unnecessary files so that there will be enough space to store and backup other necessary data.

If there is any other question for Bigpond email then please contact us at Bigpond Technical Support.

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