How to access Telstra (Bigpond) email on the browser?

Nowadays, email service appears to be very important for every people all over the world. Telstra email services have become reputed for their premium features, advanced technology, and secure registration service. Bigpond email authority provides significant email services to their clients at its best. Moreover, Telstra mail authority is always concerned about the development of their email services. The number of Telstra email service users has increased these days. Besides, you will get the assistance of their active mail administration at any time you want.

But the main question is, how can you access Telstra email on your browser? Well, the steps for accessing Bigpond email on the web browser are not so tricky. It would be best if you go through the article to know the entire process properly. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps, and you can access your Telstra email services through your browser.

But before accessing Telstra (Bigpond) mail, you will need one of the following secure browsing platforms on your device.

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11, or above will be one of the best options to access Telstra email services.
  • You can access Telstra through Firefox 31 or above also.
  • It would be best to use the Chrome 36 or above version to access Telstra email on your device.
  • If your device OS is X v10.7 and 10.8, you should opt for Safari 6.1 or above on your apple computer. 
  • If your device OS is X v10.9 or above, then Safari 7.0 or the upper version will be suitable to access Bigpond email services.

Steps to access Telstra mail-in Browser:

1. At first, open your browser and type After getting search results, click on the webmail link just. 

2. When the page will open, you need to enter your Bigpond username and other credentials like passwords, personal information to log in.

3. You can log in with your email address also there.

4. Moreover, you can use email client software instead of webmail on your personal computer or mobile device to access Telstra email services.

5. After this process, you need to check email client settings on your device. This email client settings consist of incoming server details like server address, port, encrypted connection, etc. Then you need to check outgoing server details like server details, port, and authentication in your Telstra email client settings section.

6. Before proceeding, you need to ensure that your email clients and operating system are upgraded to the latest version. Your attempt won’t be successful without the upgraded version of the device operating system.

Things you should take into consideration before accessing Telstra email on Browser:

  • It would be best if you consider Telstra Broadband protection before accessing your email on the browser. Telstra Broadband Protect helps to keep secure all the devices connected online to the Telstra email services.
  • You should install the latest version of anti-virus always before accessing your email or internet. 

Now, you can send or receive email messages through your web browser hassle-freely. Furthermore, you can exchange your email message using the email client feature as well.

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