Download and Installation issues Outlook on a Mac

Installing Office outlook on Mac is easy. Sometimes you may face issues. There could be many different reasons for this failure. You can follow the basic steps to handle troubleshooting. If the issue persists, you can always reach for an expert. Some common troubleshoots are covered in this content.

The process to install Outlook on your Mac device is easy. Not many steps are involved. You have to download and enable it on the device. The installation process will only take a few minutes.

You don’t face issues if you have followed the correct download and installation procedure.

Unable to activate

This is one of the most common types of issues you may face. This is mainly because you may have a faulty or slow net connection. If the net is slow then the Mac device may not work smoothly. It also hinders the download and installation process.

Check for the loading pages. If the device is working fine then the pages should download at any instance. If not, then check with your service provider. You can also get in touch with the Office outlook customer care team.

Microsoft account

The download and installation are only possible if you are logged into your Microsoft account. If you feel the process does not start within a few seconds, then you should check with your account.

In most cases, it is advisable to log out and sign in back into your account. If there was an account-related issue, then it should download and install now.

Invalid Microsoft license

Many users make use of the old license key for logging into the new account. You need to keep in mind that for Office Outlook you may need a new license key. Always ensure that you are using the new license key for logging into your account.

Having a trial account may only work for a certain period you should always use a valid license key if having trouble activating your account.

Expired authentication

This is a common error that you may face if you are not using valid authentication. You will usually experience this in the form of multiple prompts. The file and the folder might have been set to a new location. 

If you change the location of a file or folder, then it will show this error. You can best reach Office Outlook customer support if you face this issue very often. The team is supportive and can help you rectify this issue.

Using an old link

Sometimes you may face this issue. Even after you confirmed your purchase, but it may not allow you to activate office outlook on your Mac device. If this error persists, you may have to download a new link for installation.

Mac device will not allow you to continue using the old link for downloading Outlook on your device.


If you are following the right download and activation procedure, then you may not face issues with the installation process. You can follow basic troubleshoots to rectify the issues. You can also reach the Outlook Customer Support team for further assistance.

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