Can’t Send or Receive Emails on Telstra Mail

Telstra Mail is renowned all over the world for being a one stop email service solution to millions of customers. Telstra provides fast, seamless and authentic email facilities and can guarantee top-quality customer services. However, there can be glitches at times when you cannot send or receive mails on Telstra Mail. In this small article, you will learn more about such instances when your Telstra account cannot provide you with high quality mail delivering services.

Why do glitches occur?

Most of the times, any type of issue with your email is caused due to some technical issues. These problems, like being unable to send or receive new mails, can be easily resolved through some routine checks. There can be a lot of reasons for which your email client fails to perform. For instance, you might have loaded incorrect email credentials, there might have been some changes in your mail settings, you might have used an incorrect password, and so on. But, in all these cases the first thing that you would have to do is identify the main problem in your email and then review the error messages that you might have received.

However, in general, the errors that you find on email applications would be self-explanatory. The errors will display messages which will inform you the exact problem that is causing your mailbox to malfunction. But, in the event that you do not see any proper error message, then you can follow the steps mentioned in the next section and find out what the problem is.

What should you do to resolve your email issue?

The first thing that you have to do is check whether your internet connection is strong and stable. You should check your Wife and router settings and if all the cables are properly connected. Following this step, once you are sure about the strength of the connection, you should see if you have put in the correct username and password in your email application. You can go to Telstra’s official website to learn how you can do this. You can also call Bigpond’s Customer Care Number for guidance.

Once you have done all of these checks, you will need to see a few other things also. For instance, you will need to check your mail settings and find out whether you are getting all your mails forwarded in your spam box and junk mail folder. In case, you have problems with both the sending and the receiving of new mails, then there can be an issue with your email server’s settings also.

There are specific settings which will allow you to automatically get your mails synced with the email servers and in some settings, your mails are downloaded only in one specific device. Thus, you can check if you have toggled the settings for allowing your mails to get synced in all devices.


In case you still have problems, then you consider calling the customer care service of Telstra and have your issues resolved. You can also Google “can’t send or receive emails on Telstra mail.”

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