Can’t Send or Receive Email: OptusNet Solutions

Problems with sending and receiving emails in OpusNet can have several reasons. We have listed the possible causes and associated solutions below. Please note that receiving problems can also be caused by the sender of the email. Contacting the OptusNet customer care is a good option

You can indeed access the OptusNet email. You can do that either through the Optus Website or through other kinds of applications such as Thunderbird,Outlook, or Mac Mail. In case you’re facing trouble receiving or sending emails, then check the first following:

Try browsing the internet and find if your internet connection is working or not.

If you can’t connect to the internet, then check for the known outage

Restart the device/computer/modems (For the modems’ power-up post 60 seconds, allow two minutes for that modem to settle down into the stable pattern)

Make checks that you have not exceeded the mailbox limits

In case you cannot connect to the internet, then refer to relevant troubleshooting guides.

Cannot send the emails? Then select the process you usually opt for to access the OptusNet account:

First Step: email account settingscheck

For checking, find that your OptusNet email account setting is correct into your chosen applications, click there.

Second Step: Send one test email through the Webmail

Opt to Optus Webmail. Send the test email to the OptusNet email address. Then wait for few minutes to check if that arrives in the Webmail inbox.

In case your test email gets successful, then that means the mail server is halted, and then you will need to contact Optus Customer Support for email software for assistance.

Through the Optus Website: Member Services

First Step: Check the Firewall or Anti-Virus Software

Then refer to the Firewall or Anti-Virus support site for checking if the ports are blocked:

Incoming mail server: Port 110

Outgoing mail server: Port 25

Select < Scan> from the Home screen. Home screen

If the authentication screen is displayed, specify the username, password, and authentication server. Log in for authorized submission.

Scan original two-sided documents

For information on other scanning settings, see Clear Scanning or Adjusting the Balance between File Size and Image Quality (Data Size).

You can specify the subject, message, address to reply to, and priority as needed for email. Specify email settings

  • Select <Start>.
  • If the <Confirm Destination> screen gets displayed, check that the destination happens to be correct, thenchoose<Start Scan>.
  • Start scanning the original document.
  • If you wish to cancel, select <Cancel><Yes>. Cancellation of sending documents
  • When you place the original documents in the feeders in step 1
  • When the scan is completed, the send / save process begins.
  • When you place original documents on the scanning surface in step 1
  • If the <File Authentication> or <SMTP Authentication> screen is displayed
  • Enter your username and password and select <Application>.

The file name for the submitted document

The filename for a sent document is assigned according to the following format: communication administration number (four digits) _date and time of sending document number (three digits)—file extension name.

If an email error occurs

Error notifications are sometimes sent to the email address set on your device. Leaving it that way could result in insufficient mailbox capacity depending on the email server. It is recommended that you empty the mailbox periodically.

This is the option you can be sure of in the process of solving the OpusNet mail send and receive problem.

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