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Bigpond is a professional email client, which is popular in Australia, USA, and many other parts of the world. People use the email service as a Google alternative. Apart from Gmail, if you are searching for a good email service, Bigpond can be an option. Previously known Bigpond is now known as Telstra. Though the name is changed, all features have remained the same. It still offers professional and secured email service to users. It is easy to have an account with Bigpond Customer Service. You can opt for a free email service anytime as per your convenience. To know more about the email service, you can contact Bigpond Customer Support.

Why Do Your Need Bigpond Customer Support?

People need Bigpond customer support for many reasons. From facing a technical problem to knowing the features or options of Bigpond email service, people may have different queries. If you want to know a few feature of Telstra email service in detail, you can call the customer support. If you are facing technical glitches, you can call customer support for assistance. For Bigpond customer support, experienced and trained executives have been employed. They are poised with technical knowledge and exceptional communication skills to provide the best services.

Common Technical Problems with Bigpond Email Service

LWith Bigpond email service, people face a lot of technical problems. Encountering these technical problems is common in many cases. In some cases, errors or glitches are not usual. So, what should you do when you face technical issues? You can pick up phone and call technical support for Bigpond. At Bigpond technical support, you need to let the support staffs to know the problems that you are facing. Upon listening to your problem, the support staffs will offer you solutions for the technical problems. In the following section, you can find some commonly encountered problems with Bigpond email service

Error: Bigpond Signup Error


At the time of creating an account with Bigpond email service, people may encounter signup error. This error happens with many people. However, reasons are different for different people. If you notice signup error with Bigpond, you can opt for the following solutions.

  • Check Internet Connection: At first, you need to check internet connection. Signup error is not usual. It happens when you have a poor internet connection. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Make sure that your modem is turned on.
  • Check Username: If you have chosen a username that already exists with the system, you shall get email signup error. You need to select a unique username for your Bigpond email account. To make your username unique, you can use number with your name.
  • Check Password: You have to choose a strong password for your email account. When strong password is not chosen, technical error is encountered. For a strong password, you need to choose a capital letter, a special character and few numbers.
  • Internal Server Error: Sign up error may happen due to internal server error of Bigpond. It happens for a short time. If you try again later, you shall succeed with the signup process.
Error: Email Login Error

The reasons for login error are similar to the signup errors. Login error is encounter by many people. You can try the following solutions to deal with login error. If these solutions are not enough, you need to call Bigpond technical support.

  • Check Password: Login error happens when you enter wrong password or username. Hence, you should check the password and username to resolve the issue. Make sure that you enter all the credentials carefully.
  • Slow Internet: Due to problem with your internet connection, email error can happen. You should check internet connection speed.
  • Server Issue: Problems with email server is a reason behind email login error. Many Bigpond users may experience this. You need to wait and try again later to resolve this issue.
Error: Cannot Attach the Files

With Bigpond email service, many users have complaint about email attachment error. It means they cannot attach files. Every time they try attaching files to an email, they face errors. Why such error happens? How to resolve Bigpond email attachment error? A few possible solutions are given below:

  • Check File Size::You can attach a file that comes with maximum 25 MB size. A file larger than that cannot be attached. Hence, you shall get the attachment error.
  • Internet Error:You may also face attachment error with Bigpond email service due internet connection problem. Poor internet connection needs to be resolved to resolve the email attachment error.
  • Check File Extension: Certain file extensions are not allowed to be attached to an email. For example, you cannot attach .Exe files to the email attachment.
    There could be many other reasons. To know the reasons for the error, you can call Bigpond Technical Support Number. The customer support experts will help you to obtain the best services.
Error: Email Sending Error

Email sending error is another common error for the Bigpond users. There are many reasons to face such errors. What could be the reasons? Some of the reasons are discussed in the following section of this article.

  • Internet Issue::Like many other errors, this error with Bigpond email also happens due to internet problems. Internet issue is nothing new, and you need to resolve the issue by lodging complaints to internet service provider.
  • Add Receiver:If you have not added any receiver to your email, you would face this error. As there is no receiver, email will not be sent.
  • Invalid Receiver: Email sending error happens with invalid email receiver. If you try to send a receiver who does not exist, email will not be sent for obvious reason.
    Apart from these common errors, Bigpond users may encounter many other technical errors with the email service. Despite facing the errors, people appreciate the email services for its impeccable customer support. For obtaining technical support from the experts, you should call Bigpond Phone Number. Call the experts and get the best guidance.

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